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BestChampagne assures that the champagnes delineated on our site are of the highest, consistent quality so that you can choose champagnes with the utmost confidence and guaranteed exceptional experience.
BestChampagne independently selects and showcases only the very best champagne houses, whose commitment to produce superlative sparkling wines in the world are marked with their own unique style.
This enables champagne lovers the capability to select wines based on their specific taste, style and aspirations, in order to truly appreciate the superiority compared to other sparkling wines and lower quality champagnes for the ultimate benefit of enhanced tasting experience and pleasure.
BestChampagne is not affiliated with any champagne house or paid to include any specific houses or champagnes.
Houses are selected first and foremost for the quality of their champagnes, particularly their Brut Non-Vintage, the golden standard of any Champagne house. Other intangible aspects that are part of the champagne experience are also taken in consideration, such as history and brand.
Therefor, the houses and champagnes included may vary over time: some may fall off, while other may be included. It’s up to them and their capacity to deliver a consistent, superior experience, via their wine, their history and their brand’s promise.